Aktiviti FiZiQ

     ~MaHabbah FiZiQians~

Mahabbah Program is a program organized by the Council of Representatives for Semester 2 (FiZIQ) in collaboration with the Student Welfare Association Maahad Tahfiz Darul Quran (DQ PERKEMAT) and the Division of Student Affairs Darul Quran JAKIM. The program was designed at the highest levels of council delegates a month before it takes place. Among the major objectives of this program:

1)To strengthen the existing good fellow fraternity member FiZIQ semester.
2)Introducing the Deputy Executive Council and Hivite HEWA newly appointed.

Applying the values based on the planned agenda Mahabbah Program (brother) began on December 10, 2010 at 5.30 pm at the football field Darul Quran. The tournament was contested match between syukbah. The ball game has been maintained by the committee Games (FIFA) FiZIQ semester 2. that evening the match involving syukbah missionary, sharia, and muamalat, qiraat. The competition was initiated by the chairman of the semester FiZIQ speech, brotherMuhammad Hasnan b. Daud and prayers.

In the evening at about 9.15 pm the meeting was held at the Auditorium FiZIQ semester Sheikh Mohd Noor. The day began with a procession in honor distinguished, including the Deputy Executive Council Affairs Student AssociationStudent Welfare Maahad Tahfiz Darul Quran (DQ PERKEMAT), brother Ahmad Dasukib. Mohd Tahir, the Deputy Executive Council Affairs The Girl PERKEMAT DQ sister SitiKhairunnisa 'bt. Azmi and chairman FiZIQ semester. Beginning with the opening remarks the Chairman of the Council followed with a speech Vice HEWA Exco.

Council proceeded with the reading of poems by students OKUMP. Then, there was also displaying the story "Sang Murobbi". Deputy Executive Counciland Hivite HEWA also given an award by presentation of souvenirs. Council adjourned at 11.30 pm.
On the same day 11 December 2010 was held at 9.00 am sports. Among the riders contested the `ukhuwah rider ', building human, throw balloons and weights takraw.Sports event ends at 11.00 am. In the evening will be a connection between the footballgame syukbah. The tournament involves syukbah sharia, hadith, and muamalat qiraat.

Match terminated at 6.45 pm. In the evening begins at 9.00 pm was held the closing ceremony and BBQ dinner at the Maktabah Darul Quran. The Council further graced by the presence of monitors halfbrother FiZIQ Nabihan Asyraf b. Mahmud Zuhudi. The ceremony began with opening remarks by the chairman of the council followed the head of each syukbah speech, and the speech of the chairman of the monitor FiZIQ . The ceremony proceeded with the video images during the program Mahabbah and BBQ dinner. Council adjourned at 11:45 pm.

Program conducted by the akhawat was started on December 10, 2010 at 5.00 pm.Activities carried out are sports which involve a match between syukbah, tasmi class', roomate and judicial. Among the events were contested step forward, tangy sweet-sour, Bigfoot and the bond of love. In the evening a meeting was held at the Auditorium semester Sheikh Mohd Noor. Travel Council as the banin. On the day Saturday, December 11, 2010 commencing at 4.30 am was held at the mosque dormitories Qiamullail Banat. At 7.30 am was held in the wilderness hostel aerobics bertempai Banat.

But because of the lack of aerobic exercise program has been replaced with other activities. Activities that have been held not held in the morning as for the field is still wet and cause a student fell and injured Banat. Action has been taken is to bring students to a room and treat them there. Activities carried out have an early termination due to injuries sustained by the students involved. At 5.00 pm on sports activities were held again.

Among noted there was still a baby and the incidence of slippers. Activities end at 6.00 pm. Banat student closing ceremony was held at night at the Auditorium of Sheikh Mohd Noor at 9.00 pm. The ceremony began shortly the arrival of VIP guests the sisters Sa'adah binti Zainal as Deputy Secretary-General PERKEMAT DQ and began with opening remarks the chairman of the council. The Council continues to cover the opening speech by Deputy Secretary-General PERKEMAT DQ followed by the opening gimmick.

At 9:38 pm was held video coordinator, the division of the cake, FiZIQ video memory. Held next play, sports prize giving. Council then proceeded with the speech of Deputy Secretary of Representatives FiZIQ sisters daughter Hanum Rusmadi, greeting the Deputy Director of Program Mahabbah Mardhiyah binti Mohd Nazir sisters and two representatives FiZIQ. Also held a video and photography sessions SUKFAZ FiZIQ members (akhawat). Council adjourned at 11.30 pm.